The chance discovery of a fossil bone changes Sam’s life. Sam is

convinced it belonged to a dinosaur and is eager to find more. He

persuades his Mum to spend their summer holiday on the Scottish

Isle of Skye – the ‘Dinosaur Island’.

Here he encounters charismatic dinosaur hunter Dugie and finds

his first real friend in Caitlin, who loves nature as much as he


Sam and Caitlin set out to make the next big dinosaur discovery on

Skye, but not everything goes according to plan…


“A touching story of growing up, making friends, and hunting for dinosaurs. Read along as young Sam sets off to Dinosaur Island, to find his treasure. Put yourself in his boots, because there is a real Dinosaur Island in Scotland: the Isle of Skye, where many dinosaur footprints and bones have been found recently. Maybe this book will inspire

you to make the next great discovery?”

Steve Brusatte, University of Edinburgh palaeontologist and best selling author of ‘The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs'

The Island Where Dinosaurs Roamed

SKU: 9780995488243
  • Realistic Fiction: children 8-12 years